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The LGBT Books That Made Me In honour of London Pride today, here is a list of 10 great LGBT novels & books of short stories/poetry that have helped shaped ...

Brother's Best Friend Romance Recommendations Thanks for watching :) My Book Sleeve Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ardentadmirations Use code PEACELOVEBOOKS10 for ...

Joe Rogan Experience #1169

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Books I'm Bringing to London | MercuryCalling Hello, my name is Angelica Cofer and I like reading books and talking about them…in real life, and here with you on YouTube.

7 American Things Europeans Think Are Insane Americans do some things that Europeans think are pretty crazy. Hannah Cranston and Stephanie

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101 Differences Between England & America | Cultural Differences USA vs England WAIT! Hold those keyboards!! I know what you're about to say... "Why didn't you title this video UK vs USA?" This video is titled ...

Things That an American Notices in England | Unique & Different Aspects of British Daily

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Brit - Volume 1: Old Soldier (Invincible Tie-In) - Full Comic Story & Review Full Comic Story and Review/Recap for Invincible tie-in comic, Brit Volume 1: Old Soldier. Initially released in single issues ...

Episode 16: Brit Vol. 1 The Invincible Podcast is fan podcast all about the comic Invincible, written